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Telts Chub S-Plus Max Bivvy

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179,00 € AR PVN

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Telts Chub S-Plus Max Bivvy

The S-Plus Max bivvy is the top of the range hooded version of the new S-plus range. With its extended hood, storm side panels and rigid frame the S-plus Max provides maximum all-round protection from the elements.

The frame is manufactured from 5 section 6061 pre-formed aluminium tube, which makes it quick and easy to erect. Supplied with a complete set of in-line tension bars, T-pegs and shock corded pegging points the bivvy is very stable even in strong and gusty winds.

The S-plus Max features a three way door system which offers many options. The door can be opened from the top or bottom and even completely removed if preferred and is fitted with a clear vision panel, mosi window and cover. Complete with detachable lightweight groundsheet and carry bag.

An overwrap and heavy duty groundsheet are available as optional extras.

  • Rigid 5 section 16mm 6061 aluminium poles
  • 5000mm Hydrostatic head waterproof cover
  • Ultra stable in-line frame support
  • Detachable lightweight groundsheet
  • Shock corded pegging points
  • Supplied with T-pegs and carry bag

Chub S-Plus Max Bivvy - 1 Man
Dimensions: 1,35x2,8x3,0m ; Weight: 8kg

Index: CBSPM010


Chub S-Plus Max Bivvy Overwrap - 1 Man
Dimensions: 1,3x2,9x2,4m ; Weight: 2,4kg

Index: CBSPM020



Image Price Reference Modelis Quantity Add to cart
135,00 € CBSPM020 Overwrap 0
179,00 € CBSPM010 Chub S-Plus Max Bivvy 5

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