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T - Krekls HOT SPOT

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Hotspot Latvija

Top quality short sleeve t-shirt, 100% ring-spun cotton, r-neck collar, raw cuts on the collar and sleeves. Maximum comfort obtained by the use of the best ring-spun cotton. The ring-spun cotton is manufactured by spinning methods who are able to produce a very thin cotton thread, more resistant, softer and pleasant to dress on the skin.

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30,00 € AR PVN

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skull kolekcijaThe HOT SPOT t-shirt is manufactured in light graphite color and it is featured by our special design, the SKULL is wearing our Spinner Adrenaline jacket and a cap with our “Spinner” design, it represents the casting action with a colored popper. Inside the lens the angler is looking for a classic “Hot Spot” who has been realized in four-color high definition printing. Quality and printing are far above your best expectations.

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- 30,00 € TS-SK01003 M 100
- 30,00 € TS-SK01003 L 100
- 30,00 € TS-SK01003 XL 100
- 30,00 € TS-SK01003 XXL 100

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