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Spinings DAM Effzett Pro Zander

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  • Garums: 3 m
  • Tests: 15 - 45g
  • Svars: 250 g
  • Posmi: 2
  • Transportēšana: 153 cm

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77,00 € AR PVN

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Dam ZF Pro zander


This rod series has been developed in close cooperation with our zander experts from northern Germany. The result is a series of super stiff rods that allow the angler to set the hook properly. At the same time these rods possess a fine, sensitive tip that detects even the smallest take. With up to 3.00 meter in length you will have no difficulty casting great distances and setting the hook properly. A zander Effzett Pro Zander rod is your best choice for zander fishing in rivers, lakes and canals.


80 years EFFZETT – In 2013 we are celebrating the birthday of our famous EFFZETT predatory fishing brand. In the fast pace and trend-sensitive tackle branch that is an almost unbelievable achievement. Reason for us to build predatory fishing rods under this brand, to show the world, in 2013, once again, that tradition doesn’t necessarily means outdated or old-fashioned and can still be young, modern and of high quality.

The EFFZETT Pro serie consists of three rods that we will introduce in 2014. Like the SLR and the TRV rods the EFFZETT Pro series has been developed specifically for the cracks of modern predator fishing. The series is characterized by a modern, highly appealing design with short legged guides, extremely stiff blanks with tip action and made of TC-36 carbon. Two-piece EVA handles with a butt cap decorated with a laser-cut EFFZETT logo. All rods are equipped with a hook-clip and were developed in close coordination with our predator junkies from the EFFZETT team.


Image Price Reference Modelis Quantity Add to cart
77,00 € 2295270 EFFZETT PRO ZANDER 2.70M 10-30G 8
84,00 € 2296300 EFFZETT PRO ZANDER 3.00M 15-45G 10

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