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Spole DAM Quick FD

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Spole DAM Quick FD

This very special reel project has been a long term wish for ourselves and surprised many of our true D.A.M.-fans! More than three and a half years of planning, preparation, development and numerous test have been necessary in order to bring the legendary 1000 series back into life in its most modern version, and the result is stunning!

These reels fully represent the perfect combination of tradition and up to date technology. A target that the New D.A.M. has clearly set itself, to which we stick and which clearly separates us from our competitors - with success! Technically the new 1000 series is based on the well proven and almost indestructible Direct-Drive system of an especially cut massive brass drive gear and an also special cut stainless steel pinion gear. The oscillation and line lay is guided by the well known S-oscillation system. Like in the old times the spool is equipped with a 4 point line lay adjustment system for extremely thin or thick lines. Also the very practical Quick®-Snap handle folding system from the past is part of the features.

With the history in mind all further details have been adapted according to modern technology. The result are reels you don't want to lay out of your hands again, with which you are directly fi shing at the pulse of time and with which you feel as a part of the decades of successful living history behind these reels.

  • Designed, engineered and tested in Germany!
  • Limited edition with continuous serial number
  • Direct-Drive through drive gear and pinion gear
  • S-Curve oscillation gear (Pat. DE 4035846)
  • 10 stainless steel ball bearings
  • 1 Instant-Anti-Reverse needle bearing
  • Housing, rotor, spool and handle made of Duraluminium
  • Multi-Disc front drag
  • Soft-Touch drag knob
  • Micro drag adjustment
  • Quick®-Snap handle folding system
  • Ergonomic Soft-Touch handle knob
  • Stainless steel axle
  • Ergonomic aluminium bail with rest function
  • Anti-Twist line roller
  • Rotor with Anti-Vibro system
  • 4 point line lay adjustment system integrated in the spool
  • Push-button spool system
  • Metal spool with holes
  • Metal spare spool with holes
  • Lifetime guarantee for damages caused by faulty material or manufacturing!

Quick 1000 FD
Ball Bearings: 10 ; Weight: 315g ; Gear ratio: 4.8:1 ; Capacity: 0.25mm / 100m

Index: 1090100
Quick 2000 FD
Ball Bearings: 10 ; Weight: 340g ; Gear ratio: 4.8:1 ; Capacity: 0.35mm / 100m

Index: 1090200
Quick 3000 FD
Ball Bearings: 10 ; Weight: 465g ; Gear ratio: 4.1:1 ; Capacity: 0.45mm / 100m

Index: 1090300
Quick 4000 FD
Ball Bearings: 10 ; Weight: 515g ; Gear ratio: 4.1:1 ; Capacity: 0.55mm / 100m

Index: 1090400



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179,00 € 1090100 1000 0
188,00 € 1090200 2000 1
198,00 € 1090300 3000 4
214,00 € 1090400 4000 0

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