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Spole DAM Quick Toxic FD

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Spole DAM Quick Toxic FD

The Quick® Toxic spinning reels are made of high grade duralumnium which gives them unique stability, a compact and slim design, less tolerances, and increased durability. not only was the Quick® Toxic engineered by using the latest standards in reel technology, it also got an extremely cool and aggressive appearance! These reels use the patented Elliptical Oscillation System (OOS) that basically is the evolved version of our worldwide known S-curve system. This unique construction gives the reel silk smooth gearing, a very even line-lay and a longer lifetime than conventional reels. Another great feature is the high tech Japanese style carbon handle and hard EVA handle knob. This handle design offers both comfort during long fi shing days and decreases the weight of the reel signifi cantly. The Toxic is available in both front drag and rear drag version in sizes 20 to 40.

  • Body made out of Duraluminium
  • 6 sealed stainless steel Ball Bearings
  • 1 Instant Anti-Reverse® Needle Bearing
  • OOS - Patented Oval Oscillation System
  • Bail rest system
  • Anti-Vibro-System
  • Unique hybrid TC36 Carbon handle design
  • Ergonomically shaped EVA handle knob
  • Micro Adjustable fi ghting drag
  • Stainless Steel main shaft
  • Multi-Disc fi ghting drag
  • Aluminium bail
  • Anti-Twist line roller
  • Aluminium spool
  • Saltwater resistant.

Quick Toxic 720 FD
Ball Bearings: 6 ; Weight: 265g ; Gear ratio: 1:5.0 ; Capacity: 0.20mm / 100m

Index: 1084720
Quick Toxic 730 FD
Ball Bearings: 6 ; Weight: 285g ; Gear ratio: 1:5.0 ; Capacity: 0.30mm / 100m

Index: 1084730
Quick Toxic 740 FD
Ball Bearings: 6 ; Weight: 380g ; Gear ratio: 1:4.5 ; Capacity: 0.40mm / 100m

Index: 1084740


Image Price Reference Modelis Quantity Add to cart
99,00 € 1084720 720 10
103,00 € 1084730 730 10
106,00 € 1084740 740 10

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