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Spole Shimano AR-C Aero Ci4+ 4000


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Spole Shimano AR-C Aero Ci4+ 4000

The new Shimano AR-C Aero CI4+ concept harnesses the power of Shimano’s strong engineering background and Japanese roots to make a unique statement in high performance reel design. The 2 reels introduced under the AR-C Aero CI4+ umbrella are easy to identify by its oversized spool and rotor design versus its compact body. Each of the reels, specified for Spinning, Match or Feeder fishing are the same in bodysize. The differences are to be found in the gear ratio’s, line retrieve, handles and cosmetic appearance which are purposely choosen to match the anglers style. A set of line reducers are available to easy adjust the line capacity.

Shimano AR-C Aero CI4+ features;

+ AR-C Light Spool
+ CI4+ (Material for body and rotor)
+ CF Gear
+ Rigid Support Drag
+ S A-RB
+ One-Piece Bail
+ Aero Wrap
+ Saltwater Resistance


Ballbearing 6 shielded stainless steel ball bearings
Gear ratio 4,8:1
Lineretrieve/crank cm 86
Roller Bearing 1
Spoolcapacity mm/m: 0,25-260 / 0,30-180 / 0,35-130 / 0,40-100 lb/yds: 8-240 / 10-200 / 12-160
Weight g 255g



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