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Spole Shimano Curado 201 I HG


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Spole Shimano Curado 201 I HG 

The legacy continues with the new Shimano Curado 201 I Casting Reel.

Tougher and more powerful than ever before, Shimano placed a major emphasis on durability with this next generation reel.  Featuring the latest in Shimano reel technology, it also boasts improved casting performance, a whole new level of versatility, and smoother functioning.

Shimano’s new X-Ship technology greatly improves the Curado I’s gear durability by providing more precise gear alignment between the pinion and main gear, especially under heavy loads. This translates into vastly improved power and gear efficiency, and it also reduces friction between the spool shaft and main gear for enhanced casting performance with lighter lures.

The new SVS Infinity Brake System picks up from there, providing infinitely adjustable, consistent spool control and brake force. Its externally adjustable dial features six settings (1-6) that furnish a level of precision previously impossible with traditional cast controls. Shimano’s new S3D Stable Spool Design also improves casting capabilities even further by greatly reducing spool vibration.

No matter what application you prefer - saltwater or fresh - there is a new Shimano Curado 201 I Casting Reel ready for the task. Available in 7.2:1 gear ratio and tougher than ever before, the new Curado I leaves no doubt why the Curado has earned a reputation as one of the best reels in the business.

Shimano Curado 201 I HG 

Ballbearing 3 Shielded ARB
Gear ratio 67,2:1
Lineretrieve/crank cm 77
Roller Bearing 2 Stainless Steel
Sparespool 0
Spoolcapacity mm/m: 0,20-225 / 0,25-185 / 0,30-150 
max drag force in kg 5,5
Weight g 210



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