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Mag Pro Elite Match

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93,00 € AR PVN

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Mag Pro Elite Match

This rod is a nice evolution into the MITCHELL assortment, but by keeping in mind the price aspect. It is not an expensive rod but a very nice rod thanks to its specific handle shape. To make a difference in the fishing rod business is not very easy. We are sharing most of the components and only the action and the design can be different significantly. From last year, with the launch of the new AVOCET rods, we are working on a different kind of design. 

We called this "New Fishing Generation" as the idea is to develop trendy rods using actual actions with trendy design. On these rods, we worked on different materials to produce an innovative handle. Thanks to his good positioning, this handle does not harm in any case the comfort. We kept some EVA part to make this rod as comfortable as possible, and this specific handle tube helped us to produce a nicer and lighter rod. In addition, the blank is completely made from qualitative carbon to maintain good action and light weight. Guides have been chosen to be used with braided line.

• 24T/30T Carbon blank quality
• LTS Guides, braid friendly
• New Fishing Generation design
• Specific handle shape


Mag Pro Elite 393 5/20 Match
Length: 3,90m ; Cast weight: 5-20g ; Transport length: 1,38m ; Weight: 294g ; Sections: 3

Index: 1299785

Mag Pro Elite 423 5/20 Match
Length: 4,20m ; Cast weight: 5-20g ; Transport length: 1,47m ; Weight: 308g ; Sections: 3

Index: 1299786



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93,00 € 1299785 393 10
98,00 € 1299786 423 10