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Legio Aurea

Delivering an action that needs to be seen to believe: Legio Aurea’s Roma delivers extreme “Stinger Tail” micro shimmering action, even when at rest. The Legio Aurea Roma is a “hybrid” bait, and can be used as a worm, on a jig, or as a jerkbait. The possibilities are endless.

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8,45 € AR PVN

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The Roma’s rear weighted design makes this bait incredibly easy to skip far under standing structure such as docks and timber, and easily back slides into the tightest spaces. Truly a precision weapon, the Legio Aurea Roma casts like a cruise missile, even when unweighted, and it’s special blend of multi density, salt and scent infused plastic makes this an elite Bass fisherman’s first choice in almost any situation. Made in LegioAureaTM with our special polymer project (LEGIO M.T.P. MULTI TEXTURE PLASTIC)



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8,45 € # 01 Roma - 11cm. Krāsa -(# 01) 10
8,45 € # 15 Roma - 11cm. Krāsa -(# 15) 10
8,45 € # 09 Roma - 11cm. Krāsa -(# 09) 10
8,45 € # 08 Roma - 11cm. Krāsa -(# 08) 10
8,45 € # 17 Roma - 11cm. Krāsa -(# 17) 10

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