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Big Pit reel with Mag Sealed Technology

The concept of the ‘big pit’ reel is a DAIWA speciality. It is our area of expertise. Yet we are constantly pushing the boundaries of reel performance and seeking improvement as our sport and its fishing challenges evolve.

Again, tapping into the long distance surf casting trends from Japan we have accomplished a new design breakthrough in long distance spool geometry. This time we have created a ‘compact’ approach around a 25mm stroke spool with a 65mm spool diameter (the same as the BASIA) and a 66mm spool skirt. It is called CAST'IZM.

The combination of spool shape, diameter and stroke has produced extraordinary casting results, pushing even the BASIA in tests. But thanks to its shortened spool length the body becomes shorter too. The modest ratio of 4.7:1 delivers a useful power conversion aided by DigiGear II, but importantly an impressive line retrieval of 96cm thanks to a filled spool circumference of around 200mm. This is a major asset when fishing at distance.

Apart from its astonishing casting ability the CAST'IZM also features MAG Sealed. This protection from intrusion of water and debris via the rotor extends the lifespan of that ‘showroom’ winding feel and smoothes out initial winding inertia. Almost now standard features are QD quick drag and the HIP High Impact Protection line clip; must haves for any modern carp reel.

Toughness comes in the shape the Zaion body, the graphite Air Rotor and AirBail which itself combined with Twist Buster make line travel all the more trouble free.

The CAST'IZM maybe ‘smaller’ in certain departments but its compact shape still delivers ‘big’ in casting, features and looks. It is shaping the future.

  • REAL FOUR Concept
  • Mag Sealed construction
  • 6 Steel ball bearings
  • Zaion body
  • Quick Drag System (QD)
  • Air rotor (graphite)
  • AirBail®
  • Twist Buster® II line roller
  • DigiGear II
  • Infinite Anti-Reverse®
  • Silent Oscillation System
  • GyroSpin
  • Aluminum long distance cast spool
  • High Impact Protection line clip (HIP)
  • Machine cut aluminum handle
  • Soft-Touch handle knob
  • Longlife bail spring

Ballbearing 6
Gear ratio 4,7:1
Lineretrieve/crank cm 96 (37.8 inch)
Spoolcapacity 0.32mm-320m (12lb-350yd) 0.35mm-270m (14lb-300yd) 0.40mm-200m (17lb-220yd)
Weight g 450g 14.5oz


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