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Spole DAM Quick Royal

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Spole DAM Quick Royal 

The Goal: to create a virtually indestructible killer reel that can handle the bizarre circumstances of extreme saltwater and catfish angling.
The result: a super strong duraluminum reel with unlimited power and full protection that accompanies the adventurous angler in his quest to catch the impossible!
The Quick Royal is one of those rare reels that is already a legend at its introduction. 

  • Super strong Duraluminum design
  • 8 sealed stainless steel Ball Bearings
  • 1 high grade one-way clutch needle bearing
  • Precision engineered machine cut stainless steel gear
  • Precision engineered machine cut stainless steel S-slider
  • Big diameter stainless steel main shaft
  • Ultra strong stainless steel drive gear
  • Non-play one way clutch system
  • Quick®-Access hole for easy maintenance and greasing
  • Extra thick aluminum bail wire
  • Titanium coated oversized line roller
  • Quick® folding right/ left interchangeable power handle
  • Power handle made out of machine-cut Duraluminum
  • Aluminum CNC long cast spool with large line capacity
  • Oversized hard-EVA handle knob with ergonomic design
  • High grade carbon material for friction system
  • 10 sets of high grade carbon washers for excellent drag function
  • Micro-adjustable power drag
  • Special waterproof body and drag design for life-long protection
  • Incredible maximum drag power of 30kg
  • Especially designed for saltwater and catfish angling.

Quick Royal 960 FD
Ball Bearings: 8+1 ; Weight: 579g ; Gear ratio: 1:4.1 ; Capacity: 0.40mm/230m

Index: 1098960
Quick Royal 975 FD
Ball Bearings: 8+1 ; Weight: 798g ; Gear ratio: 1:4.1 ; Capacity: 0.45mm/370m

Index: 1098975
Quick Royal 990 FD
Ball Bearings: 8+1 ; Weight: 875g ; Gear ratio: 1:4.1 ; Capacity: 0.50mm/355m

Index: 1098990


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199,00 € 1098960 960 0
205,00 € 1098975 975 0
212,00 € 1098990 990 0

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