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Spole DAM Quick MAD FS


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Spole DAM Quick MAD FS

This extraordinary free spool reel is the fine result of combining the characteristics of the legendary top brand Quick® and the young innovative carp brand MAD®! D.A.M. was the first ever that introduced a fishing tackle product with camou colour, which makes us a pioneer on this level also! In the beginning of the 1990's DAM introduced the Quick® Camou reel. Considering this, the Quick® MAD® 7000 FS is the perfect sequel on the Camou success story! The new Realtree® AP® HD™ camouflage lamination technique gives the reel a fantastic appearance that will let the hearts of many carp anglers beat faster. Technically, the Quick® MAD® 7000 FS uses the rewarded expertise, patents and knowledge of D.A.M., and thus offers everything a carp angler demands of a carp reel.

  • 9 Stainless Steel Ball Bearings
  • 1 Instant Anti-Reverse® Ball Bearing
  • High Impact ABS-Graphite-Material body
  • Computer balanced rotor with Anti-Vibro-System
  • Worm Shaft System for perfect cross winding
  • Long Distance Control line clip
  • Oversized Anti-Twist line roller
  • Stainless Steel ergonomic handle
  • Micro adjustable Multi-Disc fight drag
  • Micro adjustable Multi-Disc free spool system
  • Waterproof Anti-dirt drag protection system
  • Stainless Steel High-pressure main shaft
  • Aluminium spool
  • Graphite spare spool in Realtree® AP® HD™ design
  • Stainless steel bail



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