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Hotspot eurofishing


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79,00 € AR PVN

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The Carpfishing Elite collection is featured by a stylish design with practical features. As an item of outdoor clothing, it warms and protects when needed while at the same time provides total freedom of movement. It combines a fashionable design with the ultimate comfort and natural feel of the cotton. An exceptional warmth-to-weight ratio makes this sweatshirt the perfect companion for your excursions. It is also suitable for everyday attire and for all seasons and climates.
The graphic of the Carpfishing Elite collection is well known to our customers, in this new restyling the background green printing goes from the chest to the back and around the right sleeve for a distinctive and charming continuity.
A well-fitting hood warms comfortably around the neck and head. Hood with wide drawstrings and metallic eyelets. Rubber label Hotspot Design inside the printing on the chest and HS embroidered logo on the sleeve and on the waistband.
It’s about fashion and the feeling of being well-made.

Fabric: 80% cotton – 20% polyester 280 gsm


Image Price Reference Izmērs Quantity Add to cart
79,00 € Džemperis un bikses M 17
79,00 € Džemperis un bikses L 12
79,00 € Džemperis un bikses XL 14
79,00 € Džemperis un bikses XXL 15

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